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Tolerance thresholds underlie responses to DNA damage during germline development.

Jansen G, Gebert D, Ravindra Kumar T, Simmons E, Murphy S, Teixeira FK (2024) BioRxiv.  2024.01.07.574510.

Two distinct waves of transcriptome and translatome remodelling drive germline stem cell differentiation.

Samuels TJ*, Gui J*, Gebert D, Teixeira FK (2024) EMBO Journal. *Equally contributed.

The transmembrane protein Syndecan regulates stem cell nuclear properties and cell maintenance.

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Epigenetic inheritance is unfaithful at intermediately methylated CpG sites.

Hay AD, Kessler NJ, Gebert D, Takahashi N, Tavares H, Teixeira FK#, Ferguson-Smith AC# (2023) Nature Communications. 14:5336. #Corresponding authors.

preLights: Probabilistic Inheritance of Intermediate DNA Methylation Sites Across Somatic Cell Division. The company of Biologists.

Simultaneous activation of Tor and suppression of ribosome biogenesis by TRIM-NHL proteins promotes terminal differentiation.

Gui J*, Samuels TJ*, Grobicki KZA, Teixeira FK (2023) Cell Reports. 42:112181. *Equally contributed.

Large Drosophila germline piRNA clusters are evolutionarily labile and dispensable for transposon regulation.

Gebert D, Neubert LK, Lloyd C, Gui J, Lehmann R, Teixeira FK (2021) Molecular Cell. 81:3965-3978.

Highlight: Transposon-taming piRNAs in the germline: Where do they come from? (Molecular Cell, 2021).

Mechanism and regulation of P element transposition.

Ghanim GE, Rio DC#, Teixeira FK# (2020) Open Biology. 10:200244. #Corresponding authors.

Translational Control during Developmental Transitions.

Teixeira FK# and Lehmann R# (2019) Cold Spring Harbor Perspective in Biology. doi:10.1101/cshperspect.a032987. #Corresponding authors.

L(3)mbt and the LINT complex safeguard cellular identity in the Drosophila ovary.

Coux RX, Teixeira FK, Lehmann R (2018) Development. 145:dev160721.

Highlight: Soma or germline? Securing cell identity in the ovary (Development, 2018).

piRNA-mediated regulation of transposon alternative splicing in soma and germline.

Teixeira FK#, Okuniewska M, Malone CD, Coux RX, Rio DC, Lehmann R# (2017) Nature. 552:268–272. #Corresponding authors.

Regulation of ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis controls germline stem cell differentiation.

Sanchez CG*, Teixeira FK*#, Czech B, Preall JB, Zamparini AL, Seifert JRK, Malone CD, Hannon GJ, Lehmann R# (2016) Cell Stem Cell. 18:276-290. *Equally contributed. #Corresponding authors.

The cellular basis of hybrid dysgenesis and Stellate regulation in Drosophila.

Malone CD#, Lehmann R, Teixeira FK# (2015) Current Opinion in Genetics and Development. 34:88-94. #Corresponding authors.

ATP synthase promotes germ cell differentiation independent of oxidative phosphorylation.

Teixeira FK*, Sanchez CG*, Hurd TR*, Seifert JRK, Czech B, Preall JB, Hannon GJ, Lehmann R (2015) Nature Cell Biology. 17:689-696. *Equally contributed.

Press release:

NYU Langone: More Power to the Mitochondria: Cells’ Energy Plant Also Plays Key Role in Stem Cell Development.

Mechanisms of Transgenerational DNA Methylation Inheritance.

Teixeira FK (2011) The GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists 2011. Science.

Prize announcement: Science (2011) 334:1222-1223.

Repeat Elements and the Arabidopsis DNA Methylation Landscape.

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A Role for RNAi in the selective correction of DNA methylation defects.

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Science: Dynamic DNA Methylation (Law and Jacobsen, 2009).

Nature Reviews in Genetics: Epigenetics: RNAi protects across the generations (Flintoft, 2009).

Nature News: Short RNAs protect chemical memory of genes (Ledford, 2009).

Assessing the impact of transgenerational epigenetic variation on complex traits.

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Genes & Development: Quantitative epigenetics: DNA sequence variation need not apply (Richards, 2009).

Gene body methylation in plants: a means to an end or an end to a means?

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Chromatin indexing in Arabidopsis: an epigenomic tale of tails and more.

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Rice ascorbate peroxidase gene family encodes functionally diverse isoforms localized in different subcellular compartments.

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Analysis of the molecular evolutionary history of the ascorbate peroxidase gene family: inferences from the rice genome.

Teixeira FK, Menezes-Benavente L, Margis R, Margis-Pinheiro M (2004) Journal of Molecular Evolution. 59:761-770.

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